BIODEGRADABLE POLYMERS

Biodegradable polymers are the polymers which can be breakdown after use. The decomposition is carried out by bacteria (biological process) or by hydrolysis and photo degradation(physical process) and results in byproducts which are useful. The mechanism of decomposition depends on the structure, most of these polymers consists of ester, amide, ether functional groups.

               One of the first medicinal use of a biodegradable polymer was the “catgut suture” which is made from the intestine of sheep. Biodegradable polymers are very useful in the field of drug delivery and tissue engineering.

               Bio based packing materials also gained attention due to its environmental friendly characteristics and non-toxicity. The most commonly used polymer for this purpose is polylactic acid.

               Biodegradable polymers are giving a hope to prevent the environmental damage. Journal of Polymer Science and Applications is appreciating all the researchers who are contributing towards the environment through their research and is inviting the researchers to associate and publish their innovative findings in the journal.

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