The Reasoning Involved in the Decision Making Process of Individuals Who have Committed Murder


This work represents an overview of the theoretical-experimental basis of reasoning, reasoning mediated by the cognitive instruments used in the decision making process, in the case of individuals imprisoned for murder on the one hand, and in the case of individuals who have not committed murder on the other hand. Beginning from the theoretical approach, we will research 492 (N=492) respondents to the study, of which 246 female and 246 male, divided into an imprisoned and a non-imprisoned group. The purpose of this research is to contribute to a better clinical conceptualisation in the case of a target patient suspected of murder, when assessed by a forensic psychiatric committee. In the research, we will analyse individual reasoning differences, reasoning correlations between the penitentiary and nonpenitentiary group. We will also analyse the comparisons between maladaptive cognitive schemas/psychopathological personality traits and reasoning in the two groups, control and experimental.

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