Cancer Genomics


                                                                                                 Cancer Genomics

 Cancer Genomics is the study of differences in the gene sequences and its expression in the tumor cells and normal cells. This study is to understand the genetic basis of the cancer and how mutations lead to the evolution of cancer.

Mutation is the sudden and spontaneous changes in the nucleotide sequence in the DNA. The mutation may be inherited from the parents (germ line mutations) or acquired due to exposure to different chemical and physical agents(carcinogens).  

 This study leads to the new diagnostics and treatments for the disease, as well as to improve methods of predicting cancer risk. Large scale research projects have begun to survey the associated genomic mutations with a number of types of cancer.HER2 gene mutations are found in a number of cancers including breast, ovarian, bladder and pancreatic.

Journal of Clinical Genomics is actively publishing the articles related to cancer genomics. The journal is inviting researchers to associate with the journal and publish their new findings in the journal.

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