Design and Developing of a Smart Home-Care Wearable Monitoring/ Diagnosis Approach Specialized in Cardiology


Chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease need frequent monitoring to check on its progress and prevent further complications. Advances in wearable technologies provide a better quality of life for people with these types of diseases. The goal of our research is to design a new easy-touse
out-of-hospital vital sign monitoring approach to reduce delays in diagnosis. The proposed approach combines our prototype patient monitoring system with the developed algorithms to analyze a subject’s vital signals, provide welldefined health status summary reports, and make proactive alerts. Our system comprises of two units: the “ Wearable Sensor Unit, ” where biological signals are acquired, conditioned, converted, and wirelessly transmitted, and the “PC
unit, ” which utilizes our developed real-time processing algorithms. This feature helps the physician in making an immediate treatment decision. In order to assess the performance of the developed system, its various functionalities have to be individually validated using online and offline patient data. This system is a multi-function device that can simultaneously screen Electrocardiography (ECG), Photoplethysmography (PPG), Pulse-oximetry (SpO2), Heart Rate Variability (HRV), bpm, and skin Temperature (T) on an easy to view GUI. Multiple arrhythmias are detected intelligently and Respiratory Rate (RR) is estimated indirectly
based on the PPG signal. Unlike the traditional bulky wired devices available, this system is designed to monitor the health of patients and detect abnormalities with less disruption to their daily life.


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