Energy Management for Battery-Powered Embedded Systems

Image Portable embedded computing systems require energy autonomy. This is achieved by batteries serving as a dedicated energy source. The requirement of portability places severe restrictions on size and weight, which in turn limits the amount of energy that is continuously available to maintain system operability. For these reasons, efficient energy utilization has become one of the key challenges to the designer of battery-powered embedded computing systems.In this paper, we first present a novel analytical battery model, which can be used for the battery ... Read More

Design of a Solar-Harvesting Circuit for Batteryless Embedded Systems

Image The limited battery lifetime of modern embedded systems and mobile devices necessitates frequent battery recharging or replacement. Solar energy and small-size photovoltaic (PV) systems are attractive solutions to increase the autonomy of embedded and personal devices attempting to achieve perpetual operation. We present a batteryless solar-harvesting circuit that is tailored to the needs of low-power applications. The harvester performs maximum-power-point tracking of solar energy collection under nonstationary light conditions, with high efficiency and low energy cost exploiting miniaturi... Read More

Journal of Physics Research and Application

Image Physics from ancient greek means 'knowledge of nature', is the natural science that studies matter, its motion and behavior through space and time, and the related entities of energy and force. Physics is one of the most fundamental scientific disciplines, and its main goal is to understand how the universe behaves. Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines and, through its inclusion of astronomy, perhaps the oldest. Over much of the past two millennia, physics, chemistry, biology, and certain branches of mathematics were a part of natural philosophy, but during the Scientif... Read More

Activation energy.

Image Activation energy can be defined as the magnitude of the potential barrier (sometimes referred to as the energy barrier) that separates minima from the potential energy surface of the initial and final thermodynamic state. In order to proceed at a reasonable rate for a chemical reaction or division, the system temperature should be sufficiently high so that there is a significant number of molecules with translational energy equal to or greater than the activation energy. In joules per mole (J / mol), kilojoules per mole (kJ / mol), or kilocalories per mole (kcal / mol), the activation ener... Read More

Science of calorimeter.

Image Calorimetry is the science or act of calculating changes in a body's state variables in order to extract the heat transfer associated with changes in its condition attributable, for example, to chemical reactions, physical changes, or phase transitions under defined constraints. Calorimetry calculates the heat produced by living organisms by measuring either their production of carbon dioxide and nitrogen waste (often ammonia in aquatic or terrestrial organisms) or their consumption of oxygen. Comment your views through Email: We are accepting Submissi... Read More

Isotope of element.

Image : Isotopes are variations of a particular chemical element that vary in number of neutrons, and consequently in number of nucleons. Both isotopes of a given element have the same number of protons in each atom but different number of neutrons. The number of protons within the nucleus of the atom is called the atomic number which is equal to the number of electrons in the atom which is neutral (non-ionized). Could atomic number identify a particular element, but not the isotope; the number of neutrons in an atom of a given element can vary widely. The number of nucleons (both protons and neu... Read More

Exothermic processes.

Image The term exothermic process describes a process or reaction in thermodynamics that releases energy from the system to its environment, typically in the form of heat, but often in the form of light, electricity, or sound. The definition is also applied to chemical reactions in the physical sciences, such as in chemical bond energy which is converted into thermal energy (heat). Simply put, more energy was released into the surrounding after an exothermic reaction than was consumed to start and sustain the reaction. An example would be a candle burning, which is the amount of calories emitted ... Read More

IC Analyses Including Extracted Inductance Models

Image IC inductance extraction generally produces either port inductances based on simplified current path assumptions or a complete partial inductance matrix. Combining either of these results with the IC interconnect resistance and capacitance models significantly complicates most IC design and verification methodologies. In this tutorial paper we will review some of the analysis and verification problems associated with on–chip inductance, and present a subset of recent results for partially addressing the challenges which lie ahead. Due to the global nature of inductive co... Read More

A Comparative Analysis of Two Test Methods of Measuring d- and q-Axes Inductances of Interior Permanent-Magnet Machine

Image The interior permanent-magnet (IPM) machine is used in many industrial drives. In order to analyze performance and to design efficient and fast controllers, accurate knowledge of machine parameters such as - and -axes inductances is essential. Although there are a number of methods available to calculate these inductances, none of them is considered standard. Accuracy levels of all these methods are also not consistent, and some of the measurement methods require complicated arrangements. Among these test methods, the ac standstill test and a newly developed test method that uses vector cu... Read More

Endothermic processes.

Image An endothermic process is any process that involves, usually in the form of heat, or absorbs, energy from its environment. This may be a chemical process, such as ammonium nitrate dissolving in water, or a physical process, such as ice cube melting. All chemical reactions require both the breaking of existing chemical bonds and the formation of new ones. A reaction to breaking a bond often involves energy input and so this cycle is always endothermic. As atoms come together to form new chemical bonds, the combined electrostatic forces leave the bond with a substantial amount of energy. If t... Read More

Zwitterions in daily life

Image A zwitterion is a molecule containing an equal number of functional group(s) charged positively and of functional group(s) charged negatively. Zwitterions may also be called internal salts. With amino acids, for example, a chemical equilibrium between the "parent" molecule and the zwitterion will be formed in solution. Betaines are zwitterions that cannot isomerize to an all-neutral form, for instance when the positive charge is on a quaternary ammonium group. Likewise, a molecule that comprises a group of phosphoniums and a group of carboxylate cannot isomerise. Although the equi... Read More

Search and Pursuit-Evasion in Mobile Robotics

Image Joint research between divergent disciplines has led to significant advances in autonomous search and pursuitevasion with mobile robots. While robotics applications have often served as catalysts for vibrant research at the intersection of traditional disciplines, only recently have researchers undertaken the study of robotic systems for search missions and pursuit-evasion contexts. This article surveys recent advances in this area, which leverage both theoretical foundations and practical implementations to forge new and innovative results. Search and pursuit-evasion problems (also known ... Read More


Image Robotic devices are helping shed light on human motor control in health and injury. By using robots to apply novel force fields to the arm, investigators are gaining insight into how the nervous system models its external dynamic environment. The nervous system builds internal models gradually by experience and uses them in combination with impedance and feedback control strategies. Internal models are robust to environmental and neural noise, generalized across space, implemented in multiple brain regions, and developed in childhood. Robots are also being used to assist in repetitive move... Read More

Work From Home Option- A root cause of few body ailments

Image SARS Covid-19 pandemic has been demolishing the global economy to a condition like ever before because of the worldwide Lockdown. The governance of the countries all over the globe are mystified with the situation and are baffled to decide on what they should focus on. Whether the dropping economy or the medical condition of the people. Then in one corner of the globe has come up with a solution called “Work From Home”. This is the condition in which people can perform their duties without fail just by remaining at their place in this critical l... Read More

Free radicals benefit and harms.

Image Category: Engineering Title: Free radicals benefit and harms. Author: Veronica Description: A radical, in chemistry, is an atom, molecule, or ion with an unpaired valence electron. Such unpaired electrons, with certain exceptions, make radicals extremely chemically reactive. Most radicals dimerize spontaneously. Many organic radicals undergo short lifetimes. Radicals in combustion, atmospheric chemistry, polymerization, plasma chemistry, biochemistry, and many other chemical processes are significant. The radical-generating enzymes produce a significant fraction of natural products. The sup... Read More

The Valley Hall Effect in MoS2 Transistors

Image Electrons in 2-dimensional crystals with a honeycomb lattice structure possess a new valley degree of freedom (DOF) in addition to charge and spin. Each valley is predicted to exhibit a Hall effect in the absence of a magnetic field whose sign depends on the valley index, but to date this effect has not been observed. Here we report the first observation of this new valley Hall effect (VHE). Monolayer MoS2 transistors are illuminated by circularly polarized light which preferentially excites electrons into a specific valley, and a finite anomalous Hall voltage is observed whose sign is cont... Read More

Device Physics of Solution-Processed Organic Field-Effect Transistors

Image Field-effect transistors based on solution-processible organic semiconductors have experienced impressive improvements in both performance and reliability in recent years, and printing-based manufacturing processes for integrated transistor circuits are being developed to realize low-cost, large-area electronic products on flexible substrates. This article reviews the materials, charge-transport, and device physics of solution-processed organic field-effect transistors, focusing in particular on the physics of the active semiconductor/dielectric interface. Issues such as the relationship be... Read More

Molecular genetic testing for identification of changes.

Image Genetic testing also known as DNA testing is used to detect variations in the structure of the DNA gene or chromosome. Genetic testing can also involve measuring the effects of genetic modifications, such as RNA analysis as an output of gene expression, or measuring particular protein production through biochemical analysis. Genetic testing can be used in a medical setting to diagnose or rule out potential genetic disorders, predict risks for particular conditions or obtain knowledge that can be used to tailor medical care based on the genetic makeup of a person. According to the National I... Read More

Hydrogen bonding in different atoms.

Image Hydrogen bonds may be intermolecular i.e. available between different molecules or intramolecular i.e. available between sections of the same molecule. The energy of a hydrogen bond may vary between 1 and 40 kcal / mol depending on the nature of the donor and acceptor atoms which constitute the bond, its geometry, and the environment. It makes them somewhat stronger than a van der Waals interaction, and weaker than complete ionic or covalent bonds. This bond form can occur in inorganic molecules such as water and organic molecules such as DNA and proteins. The hydrogen bond is responsible f... Read More

Chlorination and fluorination of water.

Image Water chlorination is the mechanism by which chlorine or chlorine compounds like sodium hypochlorite are applied to water. This process is used in tap water to destroy certain bacteria and other microbes, as chlorine is highly toxic. Chlorination is used particularly to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases such as cholera, dysentery, and typhoid. Water fluorination is the regulated fluoride modification to a public water source to prevent tooth decay. Fluorinated water provides fluoride at an appropriate level for cavity prevention; this may occur naturally or by adding fluoride to it.... Read More

Inhibited Spontaneous Emission in Solid-State Physics and Electronics

Image It has been recognized for some time that the spontaneous emission by atoms is not necessarily a fixed and immutable property of the coupling between matter and space, but that it can be controlled by modification of the properties of the radiation field. This is equally true in the solid state, where spontaneous emission plays a fundamental role in limiting the performance of semiconductor lasers, heterojunction bipolar transistors, and solar cells. If a three-dimensionally periodic dielectric structure has an electromagnetic band gap which overlaps the electronic band edge, then spontaneo... Read More

Rylene and Related Diimides for Organic Electronics

Image  Organic electron-transporting materials are essential for the fabrication of organic p-n junctions, photovoltaic cells, n-channel fi eld-effect transistors, and complementary logic circuits. Rylene diimides are a robust, versatile class of polycyclic aromatic electron-transport materials with excellent thermal and oxidative stability, high electron affi nities, and, in many cases, high electron mobilities; they are, therefore, promising candidates for a variety of organic electronics applications. In this review, recent developments in the area of high-electron-mobility diimides bas... Read More

Adsorption capacity of any solid surface.

Image Adsorption is the adhesion of atoms, ions or molecules from a gaseous, liquid or dissolved solid to a surface. This mechanism produces an adsorbent layer on the adsorbent surface. This method varies from the absorption in which, respectively, a substance (the absorbent) is dissolved or permeated by a liquid or solid (the absorbent). The adsorption is a product of surface energy, analogous to surface stress. For a bulk substance, all the bonding properties of the material's constituent atoms (whether ionic, covalent or metallic) are filled in by other atoms in the sample. Atoms on the ad... Read More

Ethanol used as a medicine.

Image Ethanol is produced naturally by fermenting sugars by yeasts or by petrochemical processes, and is widely used as a popular recreational product. This also has medicinal uses as an antiseptic and as a disinfectant. The compound is commonly used as a chemical solvent, either for experimental chemical research or in the synthesis of other organic compounds, and it is a critical product used in many different industrial sectors. Ethanol is used as an alternative source of gasoline, too. Ethanol is a liquid that is volatile, flammable, and colorless and has a faint odor. This is a psychoactive ... Read More

Improving Resolution in Photolithography with a Phase-Shifting Mask

Image The phase-shifting mask  consists of a  normal  transmission mask that has  been coated with  a transparent layer patterned  to ensure that  the optical phases of nearest apertures are opposite. Destructive interference  between waves from adjacent apertures cancels some dif- fractione  ffects and increases the spatialr  esolution with whichs  uch patterns can be projected. A simple theory predicts  a  near doubling of resolution for illumination  with  partial incoherence u < 0.3, and  sub- stantial improvem... Read More

Photolithographic patterning of polyethylene glycol hydrogels

Image The Journal Concentrates on Photolithography, Biomimetic, Patterning, and Polyethylene glycol. A simple, inexpensive photolithographic method for surface patterning deformable, solvated substrates is demonstrated using photoactive poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG)-diacrylate hydrogels as model substrates. Photolithographic masks were prepared by printing the desired patterns onto transparencies using a laser jet printer. Precursor solutions containing monoacryloyl-PEG-peptide and photoinitiator were layered onto hydrogel surfaces. The acrylated moieties in the precursor solution were then conjuga... Read More

Working Ergonomics

Image During this ncovid-19 pandemic, due to the downfall of the World economy and also the global lockdown everyone are instructed carryout their work from home. We all are aware of the fact that people working from home encounters with the health issues resulted by the improper working ergonomics. In this context, the Journal of Ergonomics Research invites you to share your views and opinions in regard to this with us to make people aware and habituate the proper working ergonomics at any place and stay healthy. Your submissions are welcomed through online at Read More

Reverse osmosis in water purifiers.

Image Reverse osmosis (RO) is a method of water purification using a partly permeable membrane to extract ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from drinking water. In reverse osmosis, an applied pressure is used to resolve the osmotic strain, a colligative property powered by the solvent's possible chemical differences, a thermodynamic parameter. RO can extract many forms of chemical and biological (mainly bacteria) dissolved and suspended from water and is used in industrial processes as well as in the manufacture of portable water. Reverse osmosis is most widely known for its use i... Read More

Model-Driven Development of Reconfigurable Mechatronic Systems with MECHATRONIC UML

Image Today, advanced technical systems are complex, reconfigurable mechatronic systems where most control and reconfiguration functionality isrealized in software. A number of requirements have to be satisfied in order to apply the model-driven development approach and the UML for mechatronic systems: The UML design models must support the specification of the required hard real-time event processing. The real-time coordination in the UML models must embed the continuous control behavior in form of feedback-controllers to allow for the specification of discrete and continuous hybrid systems... Read More

Mechatronic design of NAO humanoid

Image The mechatronic design of the autonomous humanoid robot called NAO that is built by the French company Aldebaran-Robotics. With its height of 0.57 m and its weight about 4.5 kg, this innovative robot is lightweight and compact. It distinguishes itself from existing humanoids thanks to its pelvis kinematics design, its proprietary actuation system based on brush DC motors, its electronic, computer and distributedsoftwarearchitectures.Thisrobothasbeendesigned to be affordable without sacrificing quality and performance. It is an open and easy-to-handle platform. The comprehensive and functio... Read More

Electrochemistry for electrical batteries.

Image Electrochemistry is the branch of physical chemistry that explores the relationship between electricity as an observable and quantitative phenomenon and recognizable chemical change, either considering electricity as the result of a chemical change or vice versa. Electrochemistry has numerous uses particularly in industry. Cell concepts are used for producing electric batteries. A battery is a system that stores chemical energy in science and technology, and makes it available in an electrical form. Contribute your work related to chemistry and chemical engineering through email: chemistry@... Read More

Theoretical and experimental work on Powdered Material Granulation Processes in Cylindrical Granulator.

Image The problems of experimental and theoretical investigation and analysis of granulometric composition of granules in granulation processes of powdered superphosphates in drum apparatus are considered. The theoretical investigation has been constructed on analytical decision of Fokker-Planck stochastic equation defining evolution of the distribution function of granules on sizes. Know more about it Contribute your w... Read More


Image Research that studies the relationship between management control systems (MCS) and business strategy. Empirical research studies that use contingency approaches and case study applica- tions are examin ed focusing on specific aspects of MCS and their relationship with strategy. These aspects include cost control orientation, performance evaluation and reward systems, the effect of resource shar- ing, the role of MCS in influencing strategic change and the choice of interactive and diagnostic controls. More contemporary approaches to the relationship between performance measurement systems ... Read More

Proactive office ergonomics can increase job satisfaction, employee retention

Image As the amount of time employees spend at their desks increases, so does musculoskeletal discomfort and other health issues associated with the office environment. A research demonstrates that a comprehensive and proactive workplace ergonomics program can help to prevent discomfort and injury. You are invited to share your relevant works at for enabling us to take it to the readers all around the world by publishing it in the Journal of Ergonomics ... Read More

Fundamentals of Power Electronics

Image   The first class on converters has been called a way of enticing control and electronics students into the power area via the "back door". The power electronics field is quite broad, and includes fundamentals in the areas of  ● Converter circuits and electronics  ● Control systems  ● Magnetics  ● Power applications  ● Design-oriented analysis   For subscription or submission of articles  Contact Or you ... Read More

Simple Electrolytic Redox Systems Formulation based on generalized electron balance (GEB) / generalized approach to electrolytic systems (GATES).

Image Redox reactions are characterized by the transfer of electrons between chemical species, (the reducing agent) undergoing oxidation (losing electrons) and (the oxidizing agent) undergoes reduction (gains electrons). The linear combination f12 = 2?f(O) – f(H) of elemental balances: f1 = f(H) for H, and f2 = f(O) for O is the basis to formulate the generalized electron balance (GEB) for electrolytic redox systems according to Approach II to GEB, realized within the generalized approach to electrolytic systems (GATES) as GATES/GEB. Together with charge balance (f0 = ChB) and K–2 ele... Read More

Microwave Characterization of Silicon Carbide Sample at the ISM Band from 25°C to 165°C

Image This article presents a microwave characterization at the ISM band (2.45 GHz) for the dielectric properties of a Silicon Carbide sample with high loss tangent from 25°C to 165°C. Different techniques were used to characterize the SiC sample: the cylindrical resonant cavity technique in transmission and reflection mode, the microstrip ring resonator and finally the near field microwave microscopy. The results obtained by the cylindrical resonant cavity (transmissionand reflection) are in good agreement, the relative permittivity and the loss tangent of the SiC increase with temperatu... Read More

Workplace Ergonomics

Image Workplace ergonomics is the science of designing the workplace, keeping in mind the capabilities and limitations of the worker. Poor worksite design leads to fatigued, frustrated and hurting workers. A workplace ergonomics improvement process removes risk factors that lead to musculoskeletal injuries and allows for improved human performance and productivity. Views and Opinions regarding the developments in workplace ergonomics can be shared at For more details kindly go through the below link. ... Read More

Capacity of dynamic buffer in redox reaction system.

Image A buffer is a solution containing either a weak acid and its salt or a weak base and its salt, which is resistant to changes in pH. The buffer capacity concept is extended on dynamic redox systems, realized according to titrimetric mode, where changes in pH are accompanied by changes in potential E values;( +ve or –ve E values) it is the basic novelty of the paper. Two examples of monotonic course of the related curves of potential E vs. Φ and pH vs. Φ relationships were considered. The systems were modeled according to GATES/GEB (Generalized Approach to Electrolytic Systems)/... Read More

Power Electronics Converters for Wind Turbine Systems

Image Journal of Industrial Electronics and Applications is an open access, peer- reviewed, scientific journal aims to publish different formats of high quality literary works such as research articles, reviews, abstracts, commentaries, book reviews, rapid communications, letters to the editor, annual meeting abstracts, conference proceedings, case-reports, discussions, meeting-reports and news. Our Journal aims to provide a platform for researchers and p... Read More

Power Electronics as Efficient Interface in Dispersed Power Generation Systems

Image The Journal focuses on Distributed power generation, fuel cells, photovoltaic (PV), power electronics, renewable energy, wind energy. Distributed generation is a variety of technologies that generate electricity at or near where it will be used, such as solar panels and combined heat and power. A fuel cell is an electrochemical cell that converts the chemical energy of a fuel and an oxidizing agent into electricity through a pair of redox r... Read More

Sodium Hydroxide Medium Discoloring the Crystal Violet Dye: Kinetic Study

Image The kinetics of discoloration of dye, crystal violet was investigated through pseudo first order kinetic at λmax587 nm. The reaction was depended on [CV] and [OH-]. An inversely proportional relation was observed between ionic strength and pseudo first order rate constant i.e. decrease in rate constant and increase in ionic strength. A plausible association mechanism was provided in agreement with the kinetic and spectroscopic results by calculating activation parameter. Spectrophotometric titration revealed the ratio of consumption of crystal violet to hydroxyl ion which is 1:1.... Read More


Image A bioprocess is a specific process that uses complete living cells or their components (e.g., bacteria, enzymes, chloroplasts) to obtain desired products .Transport of energy and mass is fundamental to many biological and environmental processes. Areas, from food processing to thermal design of buildings to biomedical devices to pollution control and global warming, require knowledge of how energy and mass can be transported through material. PHARMACUETICAL BIOPROCESSING This is a referred magazine to all troubles associated with bioprocessing within the improvement of h... Read More

Photocatalytic removal of Pb ions from aqueous solution using Fe2 O3 doped in G-C3 N4 nanocomposite under visible light

Image The Journal focuses on g-C3 N4, Fe2 O3, photocatalytic reduction, Pb ion, Synthesis of graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3 N4), Photocatalytic activity. Graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4) is a family of carbon nitride compounds with a general formula near to C3N4 and two major substructures based on heptazine and poly units which, depending on reaction conditions, exhibit different degrees of condensation, properties and reactivities. Iron oxide ... Read More


Image Biochemical engineering, is a field of study with roots stemming from chemical engineering and biological engineering. It mainly deals with the design, construction, and advancement of unit processes that involve biological organisms or organic molecules and has various applications in areas of interest such as biofuels, food, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and water treatment processes. ADVANCES IN FOOD BIOPROCESS TECHNOLOGY Advances in Food Bioprocess Technology gives us powerful and timely material approximately contemporary excessive original papers in chemical engineering and for all ... Read More


Image Biological chemistry is about the chemical tactics within and relating to living organisms. Biochemistry is purely implemented in medication, nutrition, and agriculture. Biochemistry deals with systems, capabilities and interactions of organic macromolecules, like proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates and lipids. INDUSTRIAL BIOPROCESSING Industrial bioprocessing is the advanced sources and data concerning industrial processing related to the bioprocessing fields to develop and improve numerous chemical compounds and pharmaceutical pills. in addition it ... Read More

How the Metamaterials finds it’s application in chemical Engineering?

Image Metamaterials, artificial composite structures with exotic material properties, have emerged as a new frontier of science involving physics, material science, engineering and chemistry. A Survey reported that the future research regarding metamaterials focusses on invention of three-dimensional optical metamaterials, nonlinear metamaterials and “quantum” perspectives of metamaterials, creating a new directional separation technique that cloaks one compound while concentrating the other. It is said to believe that manipulating mass transfer using metamaterials could help reduce t... Read More

Cryogenics: application of low-temperature phenomena

Image A cryogenic treatment is the process of treating workpieces to cryogenic temperatures below -190°C to remove residual stresses and improve wear resistance on steels and even composites. In addition to seeking enhanced stress relief and stabilization, or wear resistance, cryogenic treatment is also known for its ability to improve corrosion resistance by precipitating micro-fine eta carbides, which can be measured before and after in a part using a quantimet. The process has a wide range of applications from industrial tooling to the improvement of musical signal transmission. Some of th... Read More

Iron Man Thrust Boots

Image Iron Man Thrust Boots: Iron Man Thrust Boots or Iron Man Jet Boots is one of the hard tasks to work on it (because of its compactness and complex design) with today’s technology but it’s not impossible either. To start with Iron Man Thrust Boots consist of major components that are Thrust, Fuel, Control, Stability and Steering. Thrust can be attained by hybrid thruster technology and gyro stabilizers, hydrogen can be used for the fuel and flight can be accomplished with an advanced control systems that works similar to the aircraft that run on auto pilot. for... Read More

Digitally-Controlled Frequency Generation Using VariableLength Ring Oscillators

Image Digitally-Controlled Frequency Generation Using VariableLength Ring Oscillators: A simple variable-length ring oscillator (VLRO) in which a selectable number of inverters is shunted using bypass transistors is introduced. A range of frequencies can be selected by activating or deactivating the bypass circuitry. LTspice simulations demonstrating the performance are presented. BSIM4 transistor models using 50 nm gate lengths are used in the design of the inverters and bypass transistors. The fundamental frequency generated by each VLRO is determined via Fourier transforms of the out... Read More

The Essential Role and the Continuous Evolution of Modulation Techniques for Voltage Source Inverters in Past, Present and Future Power Electronics

Image The Journal focuses on Multi level systems and Modulation. A multilevel system is a groundwater instrument, which allows the monitoring of a number of discrete groundwater zones within a single borehole. The system typically consists of seals and ports, which are placed at varying depths along a casing string, effectively isolating and providing access to each monitoring interval. Modulation is the process of converting data into radio wave... Read More

Know your Army: Judged and Misjudged

Image Know your Army: Judged and Misjudged Journal of Defense Studies and Resource Management is a scholarly peer-reviewed, academic journal that publishes original research articles undergoing peer review process with the help of experts in the field of Defense Studies. The Indian Army is the land-based branch and the largest component of the Indian Armed Forces. The primary mission of the Indian Army is to ensure national security an... Read More

“Hybrid War” is Bad for Business: Russia Seeks in Vain an Upgrade of its Quasi Alliance with China

Image “Hybrid War” is Bad for Business: Russia Seeks in Vain an Upgrade of its Quasi Alliance with China Journal of Defense Studies and Resource Management is a scholarly peer-reviewed, academic journal that publishes original research articles undergoing peer review process with the help of experts in the field of Defense Studies. This article examines the recent dynamics in the Russian-Chinese relations seeking to evaluat... Read More

Gravity is a Myth

Image For the first time in human history, you will learn about the accretion law of the gravity force in the quantum mechanics structure of the atom, versus the belief in an external force where a body of mass is the creator of gravity. This paper presents the unprecedented theory that gravity is inside the hadron that supplies all the gravity and unification among all the elements in the Universe. By knowing the principles of quantum mechanics, it assures that you will understand how easy it is to discard the majority of beliefs of a mechanical universe, not only the Big Bang theory but also th... Read More

Advances in Electrical Machine, Power Electronic and Drive Condition Monitoring and Fault Detection: State of the Art

Image The Journal focuses on Bearing faults; Condition monitoring; Fault diagnosis; Induction machines; Insulated gate bipolar transistors; Mechanical faults; Partial discharge; Permanent magnet synchronous machines; Power converters; Rotor asymmetries; Stator faults; Stray flux; Transient analysis. The electric machines are the electromechanical power conversion device that processes and delivers power to the lo... Read More

Brief Description About NUTRACEUTICAL

Image Dietary supplements are products that are ingested in addition to the regular diet in order to provide additional health-promoting nutrients, is intended to be ingested as a pill, capsule, tablet, or liquid. Protein powders consisting of the dairy proteins casein, whey and of vegetable proteins in soy protein isolate (SPI) are popular supplements among athletes and body builders. ... Read More

Best opportunity to share your write ups.

Image The Trade Science Inc. Journal named Scientific Reviews and Chemical Communications is accepting submissions related to the broader scope of the subject recent advances in the scientific Research which underwent around the globe for the Volume 9 Issue 1. Hurry up and send your Manuscript at by 15 February, 2020. You are free to share any type of article (Research articles, Review articles, Case reports, Short Communication and Opinion article) you wish with us as per the ... Read More

Notification of Call For Paper

Image The Scitechnol- Journal of Chemistry and Applied Chemical Engineering is accepting submissions related to the broader scope of the subject Chemical Engineering and its Applications for the Volume 4 Issue 1. Hurry up and Submit Manuscript at by 15 February, 2020. You are free to share any type of article (Research articles, Review articles, Ca... Read More

Journal of Physics Research and Application invites you for the submission of Manuscript!

Image Journal of Physics Research and Application Wishes you a very successful year full of good deals. Journal of Physics Research and Application is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary scholarly journal aims to publish reliable source of scientific information on Physics Research and applied fields. The Journal aims to provide platform for the researchers, expertise in physics sciences disciplines, for disseminating experimental and theoretical reports reporti... Read More

Power Electronic Systems for the Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Sources: a Survey

Image Power Electronic Systems for the Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Sources: a Survey The Journal focuses on the Power Electronic systems which is the engineering study of converting electrical power from one form to another. At a world-wide average rate of 12 billion kilowatts every hour of every day of every year, more than 80% of the power generated is being reprocessed or recycled through some form of power electr... Read More

The Microorganism Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans can use Electrical Current as a Direct and Sole Energy Source

Image It is well known that there are two main groups of living organisms in terms of their energy source: chemotrophs and phototrophs. Recently it has been shown that some living organisms, and in particular, microorganisms, could use electrical current as both a sole energy source and as an electron donor. This, third group of organisms, was named electro trophs.The main goal of this work is to prove that the microorganism ... Read More

Journal of Biochemical Engineering & Bioprocess Technology

Image Journal of Biochemical Engineering & Bioprocess Technology is an International, peer reviewed journal that publishes high quality original papers addressing the research and development of Biological processes and technology innovations responsible for translating discoveries of useful bioproducts to an enormous range of industries extending from Medical, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Environmental, Agricultural, Food Industries and Waste Water Treatment.... Read More

Biasing LDMOS Amplifiers Employing a Simple Passive Temperature to Voltage Converter

Image This paper presents the quiescent current’s (IDQ) variations over temperature and a simple method of compensation concerning a laterally diffused Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (LDMOS) amplifier. It has been justified in real condition measurements that quiescent current is progressively increasing proportionally to temperature variations of the LDMOS causing instability to the parameters of the amplifier. In order to be compensated over a wide range of temperature variations, e.g. 40-80 degrees Celsius, a very simple Temperature to Voltage converter (sensor) has been developed. This senso... Read More

Journal of Industrial Electronics and Applications

Image Journal of Industrial Electronics and Applications   Journal of Industrial Electronics and Applications is an open access, peer- reviewed, scientific journal aims to publish different formats of high quality literary works such as research articles, reviews, abstracts, commentaries, book reviews, rapid communications, letters to the editor, annual meeting abstracts, conference proceedings, case-reports, discussio... Read More

Hydrology: A revolutionary way to environment

Image Journal of Hydrogeology & Hydrologic Engineering  (ISSN: 2325-9647) is celebrating 9th year of its excellence in the field of research publishing in Hydrology and it is a healthy platform to all the authors, researchers, editors, and readers  to contribute their latest research work for the benefit of the scientific community. The journal is committed to serve its readers authors by adding the state-of-the-art facilities to enhance the author’s scholarly vi... Read More

Trust Model Community Hydro Project for Economic Development in Under Developed Countries

Image Journal of Hydrogeology & Hydrologic Engineering (ISSN: 2325-9647) aims to disseminate knowledge and promote discussion through the publication of peer-reviewed, high quality research papers on all topics related to Hydrology The study on Trust Model Community Hydro Project for Economic Development in Under Developing Countries focuses on possibilities of economic de... Read More

Invention of Hydroelectric Cell: A Green Energy Groundbreaking Revolution

Image Energy generation in most of the cases is associated with increased environmental pollution problems. Hence there has been a quest to innovate new alternatives of green energy sources/devices. In present scenario crude oil is most popular source of energy to run transport system for masses inspite of its inherent problem of environmental pollution on earth. Due to this widely prevalent severe environmental pollution is affecting human health very badly. It has necessitated to develop & adopt new energy alternatives to save environment. In present situation worldwide use of Electric vehi... Read More

Study and Applications of Laser Light

Image This work gives an idea about the originality of laser beams and how we benefit from them in the treatment and the recovery of patients. Some of the important medical lasers are NeodymiumYAG Laser (Nd: YAG) is used in laparoscopic surgery, the Carbon Dioxide Laser (CO2) is one of the most widely used in surgical operation especially in gynecologic surgery. Moreover it is used as scalpel, the Argon Laser (Ar+) is used for ophthalmology and the Dye Laser is recently used in the treatment of cancer tumor. We know that Argon and Dye Lasers beams produce intense visible light that can ... Read More

Journal of Physics Research and Applications

Image Journal of Physics Research and Application is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary scholarly journal aims to publish reliable source of scientific information on Physics Research and applied fields. The Journal aims to provide platform for the researchers, expertise in physics sciences disciplines, for disseminating experimental and theoretical reports reporting the progress of Physics Research and its advancing significant interdisciplinary applications. ... Read More

Journal of Physics Research and Application Invites You to Submit Your Work

Image Journal of Physics Research and Application is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary scholarly journal. The Journal aims to provide platform for the researchers, expertise in physics sciences disciplines, for disseminating experimental and theoretical reports reporting the progress of Physics Research and its advancing significant interdisciplinary applications.  This journal accepts original articles on all study areas of pure and applied physics resea... Read More

How standby generators work and how to dimension them?

Image Title :  How standby generators work and how to dimension them? Standby generators are used in order to provide consumers in the system entitled to standby service in the event of breakdown or shutdown of the normal power supply. They consist of the generator, the flywheel and the motor. for more details visit… Like us on ... Read More

Journal of Physics Research and Applications on Astrophysics

Image Journal of Physics Research and Application is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary scholarly journal aims to publish reliable source of scientific information on Physics Research and applied fields. The journal accepts almost all types of write-ups like research articles, review, case reports, commentary, letter to editor, mini review, opinion, short communication, book review, editorials etc. in the field of recent developments in physical science technology. ... Read More

The Graphene MachZehnder Modulator Based on Sandwiched Structure

Image An optical modulator is a device which is used to modulate a beam of light. The beam may be carried over free space, or propagated through an optical waveguide. Optical modulators featuring compact size, high modulation speed, large modulation depth and low energy consumption are much appreciated in the application of optical devices. Based on the modulation mechanisms, modulators can be classified into phase, absorption and polarized modulators which are usually made of silicon materials. the electro-optic effects are too weak in silicon, conventional modulators are usually limit... Read More

Arc Flash Analysis and Techniques for Hazard Reduction Using Smart Protective Devices

Image This paper presents an arc flash risk assessment taking care of the protection device coordination procedure in order to reduce incident arc flash energy at low voltage busbars in a biomass power plant. The mitigations were measured and presented to reduce incident arc flash energy using the appropriate smart protection device software. A short circuit analysis is performed to calculate the values of short circuit currents and compute arc flash energy dissipated at busbars at low voltage busbars in the biomass power plant. An arc flash can cause damages to electrical equipment and p... Read More

Deep investigation on Computational Chemistry

Image Computational quantum chemistry is primarily concerned with the numerical computation of molecular electronic structures by ab initio and semi-empirical techniques and non-computational quantum chemistry deals with the formulation of analytical expressions for the properties of molecules and their reactions. The calculations are based primarily on Schroedinger's equation and include calculation of electron and charge distributions, molecular geometry in ground and excited states, potential energy surfaces, rate constants for elementary reactions, details of the dynamics of molecular col... Read More