Aquatic physiotherapy.


Aquatic therapy refers to water-borne therapies and activities for relaxation, wellness, physical rehabilitation and other medical gain. A certified aquatic therapist usually gives a person who is undergoing care in a heated therapy pool constant attendance. The methods used in aquatic therapy include Aqua Running, Bad Ragaz Ring Method, Burdenko Method and other types of aquatic bodywork. Which include neurological conditions, spine pain, musculoskeletal pain, postoperative orthopedic rehabilitation, developmental disabilities, and pressure ulcers. It refers to water-based therapies or therapeutic purpose exercises particularly for relaxation, wellness, and physical rehabilitation. Treatments and exercises are performed while the water is floating, partially submerged, or completely submerged. Many aquatic therapy procedures require constant attendance from a trained therapist, and are performed in a specialized pool controlled by temperature. Accepting paper regarding field of physiotherapy you can submit your submission here: You can also Email us: For more information check the website