Back and neck pain in office workers.


Sitting at a desk is a common source of back and neck discomfort, mostly because you're accommodating instead of the other way around to your workstation. For example, many people are straining to see a computer display that is too distant, too low, too high, too tiny or too dim. This makes healthy posture compromised. The average human head weighs approximately 12 pounds (5.4 kg)—the size of a bowling ball! Your head exerts approximately 23 kilograms of force on your neck when your back is bent to 45 degrees. The pressure impacts your breathing and attitude in addition to straining the joints and muscles in your neck and shoulders. To relieve this tension, modify the workspace and facilitate a well-aligned stance. There are also ways and enhance the ergonomics performance and comfort level of a traditional workstation. Accepting paper regarding field of physiotherapy you can submit your submission here: You can also Email us: For more information check the website