Chest therapy for better respiration.


Chest physical therapy is the term used for a community of therapies aimed at enhancing respiratory performance, encouraging lung expansion, strengthening respiratory muscles and reducing respiratory secretions. Healthy respiratory safety can't be done without effective clearance of airway secretions. This is usually achieved in a healthy person by means of two mechanisms: mucociliar clearance system (MCS) and cough capacity. Children have numerous illnesses and disorders due to poor lung health and an impaired capacity to clear secretions. The purpose of chest physical therapy, also known as chest physiotherapy, is to help patients breathe more freely and to bring more oxygen into the body. Postural draining, chest pounding, chest shaking, spinning, deep breathing exercises, and coughing are all part of chest physical therapy. Chest physical therapy is usually done in combination with other therapies to get rid of secretions from the airways. Some other procedures include suctioning, therapies with nebulizers, and the administration of expectorant medications. Accepting paper regarding field of physiotherapy you can submit your submission here: You can also Email us: For more information check the website