Exploring the Spiritual Growth Experiences of Nurses Caring for Terminally Ill Patients


This study explored the spiritual growth experiences of nurses caring for terminally ill patients. Using the method of narrative study, we interviewed five nurses who used to care for terminally ill patients, and followed a semi-structured guideline for data collection. This study has passed the Institution Review Board (FYH-IRB-104-06-01-A) and data were collected from August, 2015 to February, 2016. The participants were interviewed twice individually and the second time of interviewing was assurance the data fit into the 4 principles of promoting width, coherence, insightfulness, parsimony. Data analysis was followed the model of "category- content" for narrative study. The five participants were women with age ranged from 28-41 years, their religion included Taoism, Buddhism, and Christianity. They had worked in hospice and palliative units for 8.3 years on average, and had more than 100 hours of training on spiritual lessons. The results were divided into the two main spindles of the hospice caring and spiritual growth experiences. The themes of hospice caring experiences included doctors, nurses, and patients understand who as the most valuable, learning skills and assisting terminal with infinity price, and crossroads of hospice care. The themes of spiritual growth experiences included the clouds and dew where the life is, butterfly cocoon shed newborn, flying upwind and gas grand, and countenance generous dedication blessing. The results could provide a positive outlook for nurses in promoting their spiritual growth and transformation and in continually disseminating the energetic aspects of nursing.

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