Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

It is peer reviewed open access journal. The aim of the Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is to publish recent research findings on physical therapy and rehabilitation on this occasion extends a warm welcome to authors, editorial members, and reviewers. The journal commits to readers by adding advanced scientific servings. On this occasion the journal announces 30% deduction on the whole publication charges. The goal of the journal is to be one of the leading and well recognised broadcasters of scientific field.

The scope of the journal is Amputation, Anatomy and physiology, Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, Cerebral palsy, Clinical psychologists, Electromyography, Fibromyalgia, Geriatric physical therapy, Kinesiology, Neurological rehabilitation, Occupational therapy, Pediatric physical therapy, Physiotherapists, Rheumatological rehabilitation, Speech and language therapy, Spina-bifida, Telerehabilitation,Traumatic brain injury , Disability and rehabilitation, Sports physical therapy, Rehabilitation robotics etc. It solely depends on quality of manuscripts.

The journal encourage to publish medical manuscripts like short commentary, editorial, letter, research aricle, review or mini review, and case report etc. Physical therapy improving the conditions like arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, hip and joint replacement, balance disorder, incontinence etc. This therapy is used in restoring mobility, fitness, reduce pain. Spina bifida it is the neural tube birth defect which is incomplete closing of backbone around the spinal cord, like wise cerebral palsy, disorder movement and posture, koniology defects in muscular activity etc, to sum up with it encourage the public health through the publication of recent research findings.

The journal is handled by eminent editorial board members, reviewers who are expert in the relevant field. Be a part of our scientific journey by contributing your outstanding research work with us.

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Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation