Knee effusion in different age group people.


Knee effusion happens when excess synovial fluid builds up in or around the knee joint. This has many common causes including arthritis, ligament damage or meniscus damage, or bursa fluid accumulation, a condition known as pre-patellar bursitis. Signs and symptoms of water on the knee are contingent on the origin of excess synovial fluid build-up in the knee joint. They may include: Pain, Swelling, Stiffness, and Bruising. Swelling causes may involve arthritis, knee ligament damage or an incident in which the body's normal response is to cover the knee with a defensive fluid. There may also be a disorder or underlying disease. The amount of fluid accumulation around the knee depends on the underlying disease, condition or form of traumatic injury that caused the excess fluid. Accepting paper regarding field of physiotherapy you can submit your submission here: You can also Email us: For more information check the website