Metabolism is the set of chemical reactions that takes place within the living organisms. These enzyme catalyzed reactions are important for the survival and growth of the organism. The metabolic reactions are categorized into two types i.e., formation of new compounds (anabolic reactions) and breaking down of a compound (catabolic reactions).catabolism is to release energy whenever the body requires, anabolism is to store the energy.

 Enzymes play a key role in the metabolism of the cell, it acts as a catalyst and also regulates the metabolism. Lack of these regulatory enzymes or loss of regulatory activity will lead to several metabolic disorders like gout, lesch nyhan syndrome, alkaptonuria,  tyrosinosis etc.

 Vast research is being carried out related to the field of metabolism and metabolic disorders. Journal of biochemistry and physiology is actively publishing articles related to the topics of metabolism and is now inviting researchers to associate with the journal and publish their recent findings in the journal.

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