The OTSC Proctology clip system for anal fistula closure: First prospective clinical data


Anorectal fistulas represen ta troublesome condition for both patient and surgeon.TheOTSC Proctologyclip system is a new device for transanal anorectal fistula closure. The OTSC Proctology system was evaluated in a prospective clinical study undertaken in two surgical proctological centers. Ten patients (three women, seven men; median age 55 years, range 25-73 years) with nine transsphincteric and one suprasphincteric fistulas were enrolled into thestudy. Themedianoperationtimewas30minutes(range20-45minutes).Therewerenointraoperativetechnical or surgical complications. Postoperatively, no patient reported intolerable discomfort, immoderate pain or foreign body sensation intheanalregion.At follow-up examination six months after surgery, nine out often patients had no clinical signsor symptoms of their previous fistula and were considered as healed (success rate 90%). In one patient persistency of the fistula was noteddue tospontaneous early clipdetachment onthe third postoperative day. These firstdatademonstrate the efficacy of the OTSC Proctology system in the treatment of anal fistulas. Currently, more patients were enrolled into this prospective study to allow further evaluation of this new device and to assess its future role in relation to established surgical strategies for anorectal fistulas.

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